Greetings from the Dolley Llama, the tutelary spirit of this site. The Dolley Inferno is an archive of my quest to climb to the highest points in each of the 50 states and to hike the 4,000-foot peaks of the White Mountains and the Adirondacks, among other endeavors.   

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Whence the name, you ask?  

In part, it is a play on my first name as it was once pronounced by a Polish waitress at Veselka's, the beloved coffee shop on Second Avenue ("Dah-luh, we have a table ready for you"). Many of the Spanish-speaking staff of the cafeteria at work pronounce it the same way. I have since adopted Dolley as my trail name.

Originally, however, the Dolley Inferno was an exquisite corpse story I wrote with three friends in elementary school. The plot revolved around a buxom superstar of country music whose structurally unsound wig catches fire and ignites a conflagration at a Las Vegas high-rise filled with celebrities. Of late, the title has become my own wistful byword for books unwritten, mountains unclimbed, and youthful ambitions unfulfilled.

When I am not on the trail (which is most of the time, to be honest) I work as an editor at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you are a member of the Museum, you receive the quarterly Bulletin, edited by me. I am also the father of two children and live in the exurbs of Connecticut, along with my overfed cat, amid an undertended garden. 

And with that I bid you welcome, and happy trails...

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