#3  Algonquin (5,114 ft.)


I don't remember much about the hike up Algonquin except that it was somewhat crowded and one of the kids in front us left a veritable trail of M&Ms along the route. There was a waterfall, I think, and a gaggle of foolhardy teens climbing the rocks alongside it. And a stop for snacks at the junction with the trail up Wright. Clem had the energy to go up Wright on the way back down, but I decided to leave it for another day. Here's hoping the bits of wreckage from the plane are still up there when I go.

Perhaps the best thing about Algonquin (and Iroquois) is the view across to the rock slides of Mount Colden and down to the drainage referred to as Flowed Lands. If you look in the slideshow, you can tell which of the slides is more recent by its brighter, less weathered color. Here's the nickel tour of the summit, with a glimpse of the rock slides at the very end:

Dolley Shot: Algonquin (Slit View)

I think my memories of Algonquin have been scrubbed, to a certain degree, by the death of our beloved family cat Sam just before we embarked. Also, there was the Bear Incident. The night before the hike, as we nestled into lean-to #10, picturesquely situated along the shore of Heart Lake, we heard a fearful banging of pots and pans (and anything else that could make noise) from nearby lean-to #9. Any camper who hears this racket knows immediately what it means: BEAR! Apparently, a sow black bear and two cubs had made their way INTO the lean-to, forcing the campers up onto the roof. The campers were at fault here: we could smell that they  had not heeded the admonitions to finish dinner well before sunset and to store/prepare no food inside the lean-to. We had a hard time going to sleep that night, especially Thomas and Verna, who were strung out nearby in hammocks, otherwise known as bear burritos. Moreover, we could hear them (the bears, that is) passing very near our campsite on their way to the lake, where they splashed around and maybe fished. Yowza.

I woke up around 1 am to find a mouse stealing Clem's tissue from beside his head. We also caught a chipmunk earlier in the day trying to make off with our crackers. Either of these mammalian encounters would have been memorable, I suppose, were it not for the marauding bears. Do yourselves a favor, folks: don't cook where you plan to sleep!

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