#4 Iroquois (4,840 ft.)


There is no official trail to Iroquois Peak, except that there is, really: you just follow the trail off the opposite side you most likely arrived from (due south en route from the ADK Loj), and eventually you come upon a trail sign unofficially annotated in pen with the unofficial turnoff to the summit. This trail takes you through a boggy col and then on to Boundary Peak, a prominence in between the two high peaks but not a 4,000er. (Legend says it was once the border between the Algonquin and Iroquois nations, but most sources I see debunk that). Like Algonquin, Iroquois has wonderful views over to the rock slides of Mount Colden and, below them, the waters of Flowed Lands. Also, the crowds from Algonquin tend not to follow you over to Iroquois, which makes it a peaceful  addendum to a long day hike if you have the energy.

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