#27 Mount Sunflower, Kansas (4,039 ft.)

One of the few benefits of my red-eye home from Denver Saturday night, the day after my hike up Mount Elbert, was the chance to rent a car and head west into the Great Plains. In the end, I decided not to visit both of the Colorado-border highpoints (Nebraska and Kansas) in one trip, opting instead for the one that is arguably more “remote” (and less convenient for my return trip to the northern plain states). Thus, Kansas.

We’re not in Colorado anymore, Dorothy.


A little bit of Kansas, really, but mostly a drive through Colorado. The last half mile or so across the border, which is on a dirt road through corn fields, is when you understand the name of the highpoint. Little sunflowers grow wild along the sides of the road, giving cover to the snakes I saw slithering across and providing a little respite from the visual boredom of agri-monoculture.


Mount Sunflower is privately owned and lovingly tended. I think it must be the only state highpoint with a lending library.


In a bit of a highpointing coincidence, when I arrived at Mount Sunflower a family of five was finishing up their visit. The mom kindly offered to take a picture of me, which turned out pretty well. And when I signed the register I learned that they were from my home town of Richmond, Virginia.


In retrospect I probably could have made the Nebraska highpoint if I had left earlier, but that would have denied me a few leisurely hours at the Fiction Beer Company in east Denver having my traditional post-summit suds. I recommend the “Summer People” session IPA. Cheers to highpoints in the flatest of places…

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