#12  Mount Davis, Pennsylvania (3,213 ft.)

The Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, wherein lies Mount Davis, harken back to Ye Olde America: limitless farmland, Revolutionary War turnpikes, gravy-covered country breakfasts. 


And while the summit itself isn't all that spectacular, although nicely appointed with sturdy displays, the surrounding countryside is relentlessly bucolic and offers much to explore once you lay down your crampons. Both times I dropped in on Davis I stayed at a hostelry nearby: on the first trip it was was Hartzell House, a charming B&B with an even more charming garden Buddha, the second time  stayed at the venerable Casselmann Inn, and old carriage house on the National Turnpike. I'm particularly fond of the town of Confluence, which is nearer Hartzell House, and the Lucky Dog Cafe. Go there if you get the chance and, as is my customary advice when hiking or highpointing, order the pizza.

On both trips to Mount Davis the GPS took me up the "back entrance," meaning a succession of dirt roads that wind through Amish farms. I think I've been stared at twice by the same teenage Amish drover. And on both trips I visited Mount Davis as the third leg of the famous highpointing trifecta of West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The upshot is that my experiences of the peak will always be colored by a palpable sense of haste, because I always have a LONG drive ahead of me. This urgency is something I tried to reflect in the video. 

Dolley Shot: Pennsylvania Polka

Compared to some of the other highpoints I've been to, Mount Davis seems deficient in terms of my research into its past. So here's a promise to return in the near future, if only via Google, to fill in some History Channel fodder.

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