#14 Cannon (4,100 ft.)

A family camping trip in the Whites, at long last. We got a spot at Lafayette Campground near the river (as did about 50 of our closest friends) and hiked the Lonesome Lake trail on a clear Saturday morning. The Missus Llama and the two kids hiked as far as Lonesome Lake Hut--or rather I should say one of the kids, because the littlest one, Clem, was carried a good part of the way up, and napped, too, after a little kicking and screaming. But everyone enjoyed the freshly baked brownies from the hut, and the Missus Llama reported a fine trip down with the kids, who happily used Daddy Dolley's hiking poles, which the littlest llamas fetishize for some reason.

Big Clem (Lunchen Llama) and I continued on the Kinsman Ridge trail to the summit of Cannon and its attendant facilities, including the tramway and the restaurant. It seems be convention that all mountaintop concessions resemble a shopping mall pizza parlor or perhaps a bowling alley of roughly 1980 vintage.

On the way down we took the Hi-Cannon trail and made it in plenty of time to relieve Missus Llama of having to cook dinner all by herself. I think we've finally mastered the art of tent setup for a family, but we are still refining our camp cooking and grilling techniques. No matter, though, because the Missus Llama's preparations were exacting, and for once we ate like kings. No more fattening on the freeze-dried hog; it's freshly grilled meats from now on.

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