#15 Moriah (4,049 ft.)

Luncheon Llama and I hiked up Stony Brook Trail after breakfast at Joe Dodge Lodge. Not a difficult trail, but I was somewhat concerned about timing since we had to drop our packs at the Imp campsite and then backtrack on the Carter Moriah Trail to Moriah before heading back to camp and setting up. We did it, but lashing the tents to the platforms was more difficult than we anticipated, and hanging a bear line was nigh impossible in the dense growth. Thank goodness we found the campsite bear box hiding behind the loo.

The hike to Moriah passes a few good viewpoints and an interesting quartzy cleavage in a prominent ourcropping of rock. The final twisting scramble up the last large boulder is almost like a secret entrance. We met only one other pair, a father and son, on the summit. 

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