#8 South Twin (4,902 ft.)

South Twin is the highest peak in the Whites that is not above 5,000 feet. We took the Twinway from Zealand to reach it, abandoning an earlier, more ambitious plan to do one of the northern Bonds because of encroaching weather. We even skipped Guyot, which was wise, but we should have probably pressed on to North Twin, which is now a separate trip. Oh well.

South Twin is itself a set of miniature "twins" in that the summit comprises one pile of rocks separated from another by a shallow divide: hence the pictures of me taken from the other set of rocks as I strike the enduringly stupid saguaro cactus summit pose. The schlepp down the Twinway to Galehead is not to be sniffed at: very steep and rocky, and somewhat endless. Glad we weren't going back up it the next day.

June 2015

Well, we did end up hiking the Twinway the hard way, and it actually wasn't that bad. The middle is the hardest part, but it took less than an hour and we were on top. And whereas before we had clouds building, on this solstice weekend we had crystalline views all the way to Vermont. 

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