#7 Zealand (4,260 ft.)

Few spots in the White Mountains are as pleasant as the cascades of Zealand Falls, whose lovely babbling serenades you through the night long if you sleep in the hut. When I first  saw the cascades, I was nursing blister's from a previous weekend's hike. As soon as we had unpacked and wandered over to the pools, I carefully unlaced my boots, removed my wool socks and liners, and dipped my battered feet into the numbing waters: bliss indeed.  

Dolley Shot: Bliss in Zealand

We hiked from the hut to Zealand itself the next morning, up a steep section of the Twinway just above the hut. Not much to the summit except a cairn, a quirky sign, and some not so quirky bugs. As almost anyone will tell you, the real treat is the view from Zeacliff en route, a dramatic vista across the Pemi Wilderness.

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